Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Back to Maine...

Good Bye Elder Hansen
   Besides the MTC this past week was the toughest to deal with.... So this has been one heck of a roller coaster week. This week has honestly been one of the hardest of my mission.
Hey, Elder Beck!

And Elder Jensen again!!

   I started this week down in New Hampshire and in my favorite area so far, Ascutney, with one of my favorite companions Elder Hansen. I got to say goodbye to all the people I taught down there. Some of them even cried when I left. I also for the first time cried when I said good byes to that area.  It was SO good to me and I loved it there.  I went to transfer meeting and got to see a lot of my missionary buddies and that really was a blast. Elder Lund, my trainer, is now the new AP! (Assistant to the President) That's crazy! Those are the missionaries that President really likes haha.
     I also got my new companion-- Elder Martineau, He is 20 years old and is from New Mexico. Loves guns and his family of 13. (6 of them are adopted from Russia). I also got sent to my new area of Gardiner Maine. Being back up in Maine is different than New Hampshire because there is A LOT more poverty and welfare up here and it's colder... We live in downtown Gardiner above a game shop that sells card games and comic books. 
Here is the address. Google earth it and you will see what i see every day.
273 Water St Apt 3
Gardiner, Maine, 04345

The leaves are starting to change colors...

This is a tree from the above view, near the water.

In this area we have 2 investigators.
R****** B******- An older woman married to a less-active member and has been investigating the church for 20 years about. She is a very real person and doesn't beat around the bush when she needs to tell you something.
G******- We just found her this past week. She and her husband are recovered drug addicts and want to come closer to God. They both have dreadlocks and would fit in so well down in Mission bay or somewhere down there haha. They are really awesome though.  I'm excited to teach them about the gospel.

     This Saturday we got to attend a 102 year old birthday party and a family reunion at the church.  At this reunion there were 5 generations of that family in attendance and I was in awe. The lady who turned 102 is part of the first converts of the church in Maine.  It is historically proven and her grandparents are the ones who are the first converts in the church in Maine. There was a group picture taken and they put it up on a website. I haven't seen it but you can. Here is the website:
password: lanemaine

     This ward that we are a part of just combined from the Gardiner Ward and Augusta Ward into the Farmingdale ward. We just got a whole new bishopric and a new bishop and all new auxiliary leaders. Also, there are 3 sets of missionaries in this ward and it looks like we will all stay. It's weird having multiple sets of missionaries in one ward, especially up in the small wards of New England.

*Funny story alert*
Elder Martineau and I decided we needed more service to do in this area and we started out by going to city hall and they directed us from there. We were told to go to a local foundation that would gladly use our service called Gardiner Maine St. (They fundraise for the city of Gardiner) So we go to their office and ask the head honcho if we can help them out in any way and he said to pass out these fliers for their upcoming event.  In my head I said that we don't advertise but Elder Martineau beat me to it and accepted... So we had 7 destinations to go to, local stores, and give them these posters to put up as advertisements. This event is a beer fest called Swine Stein. So if you can imagine Mormon missionaries walking to these destinations asking them if they want to advertise a beer fest.... It was quite comical after it was all said and done. We both vowed after that experience that we wouldn't ever advertise or represent anyone else again on our missions.
Bedroom in apartment

Their study room
For now things are going alright, times aren't fully smooth and I struggle adapting to the whole new environment but I'll push through and be the best I can be. I hope all is going well with all of you. I appreciate any emails or letters you write me and I look forward to hearing from you.

P.S. This zone conference we get to watch a movie on our missions!!! We get to watch Meet the Mormons!!! THAT'S AWESOME!!!!

All Smiles,
Elder Dahlberg

Elder Martineau

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