Sunday, September 7, 2014

Labor Day on an uber slow computer...

Big letter.
I'm writing this letter on a uber slow family history computer in the library at the church, Since its Labor Day all the public places are closed which explains why I'm writing on this computer... :)

So this week hasn't been the best week ever for me but it hasn't been the worst so that's a plus. This past week in Elder Dahlberg's life we got to have interviews with the mission president. These only happen every 3 months so it's a bit of a treat to be able to be one on one with President Stoker. In the interview we talked about what he wants to see from me. He says he sees a senior companion and that he couldn't make me senior the past couple transfers because there hasn't been enough elders coming out. With this upcoming transfer 15 elders are coming out so he has no excuses now!! In the meeting that followed the interviews we learned about ITLs. They stand for Invitations To Learn. We go out and whenever we pass someone on the street we ask them if they would like to learn more about Jesus Christ or the Bible. If they decline than we get to tally an ITL, if they accept than we share a  message and ask for a return appointment, (We're still waiting on someone to say yes.... sadly) We try to do 10 ITLs a day but some days we don't see anyone out walking.

     This week Bob Porter took us out for a treat. He took us out in a 1931 Packard. I had never heard of it until he told us about it. It was a sweet looking car. While we were driving to go get ice cream, we would be passing people on the roads and their jaws would be dropped and they would just stare in unbelief. The awh factor was just as cool as the car itself in my opinion.

So in this pictures is a 1931 Packard. That is BOB P***** driving us. he wanted to take us out for ice cream one night and so he picked us up in that and it felt like i was a king being cheufufuerred (OK, I had to leave that one cuz it was so funny!) around. 

    We were also able to get in with a less active family called the mac******** and they ordered Chinese for dinner! After dinner we taught them the restoration and committed them to teaching it back to us on our next visit. :) those sneaky missionaries! We didn't get a whole lot of lessons in this week because all our scheduled appointments fell through... typical life of a missionary.

     Anthony Halley was confirmed in church this past sunday so now he is no longer our investigator. He is a recent convert. (Also known in missionary lingo as an "RC"...)

For our pool of Investigators we have 5 people
Glen- 58ish, A biker dude who we teach regularly on Tuesdays at 10, he is a great guy.
Rebecca P***** and kids- 28, a Single mom who has 2 kids and we teach her whenever our schedules align
D******'s- late 69's, couple and we do service for them stacking wood on Saturdays and than teach them during the week
Andrew P*****, 58ish, very interested in our church and is taking care of his wife who is sick, try to teach weekly
Allen B******- 60's, wife is a member and wants to go at his own pace, trying to teach weekly...

     This week we uncovered a treadmill hiding away in our apartment and I got it all fixed and working and set it up and now I'm running every morning like I used to with Elder Lervold. (OK, how can you actually hide a treadmill? Aren't they kind of big????)    Elder Hansen has had both of his ACLs tear so he cant run. Also Elder Hansen challenged me during a lunch hour to do the ice and salt challenge. Its where you put salt in your palm and you squeeze an ice cube for a minute. Well i did it and now i have from what i can tell 1st degree burns on my palm from it. I brought this upon myself, he didn't force me to do it. I'll challenge him to do something else stupid, you just wait.

     Something cool that happened this week happened with Bob P***** haha. The title of this weekly summary should just be called Bob P******. But after having lunch with him he took us to the local bank appreciation day. Claremont Savings Bank was holding a customer appreciation day with free food if you were a member. So as you can guess lots of people were there. Bob was introducing us to people all over the place and we got to meet the president and CEO of the bank. I got talking with him and he gave me some advice on my career after the mission. Also there was a taco truck attending and Bob got us 3 free tacos each and they were the best tacos/Mexican food I've had in 10 months! MY WHOLE MISSION!
New England doesn't make Mexican food well and if you know its geography you can tell why....

Well I hope this upcoming week can be better and more lesson eventful.  Let me know if you have any funny experiences this week because i always enjoy hearing them.

That is  a picture of the chapel inside our church. Its all chairs and its a carpet gym. Out here in New England thats the norm. No pues (haha!) just chairs and carpet flooring.  (Hmm, I wonder what it's like to play basketball on carpeting...)Or do they???

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