Sunday, August 16, 2015

(July 27) Still clownin' around...

This past week went very fast for me. Every day flew by and i would acclaim that to being very very busy. Almost every single week in this area of Bedford, we teach at least 20 lessons. We teach a lot of lessons during the week and those are only the sit down ones where we say a prayer and stay a while. We talk to people on the street all the time and we teach every time we talk to someone. We also listen to what they have to share as well. Because a huge part of teaching is also listening.

In review, this week we helped serve a couple of members in the ward by helping with wood. We are doing wood in the summer so that we can help keep them warm and prepare them for winter. (That is how brutal the winters are) I was able to push over a dead 30ft tree all by myself and i picked it up and wedged it in between other trees and snapped it in half and than i repeated that until i got the tree into manageable pieces that i could stack in the wood pile. I felt like a true new englander when i could "fall" a tree and break it into the sized pieces that i wanted. We also helped another member split and stack six and a half cords of wood. That is alot of wood my friends... I was so tired after that.

If we were a wood cutting company i would have made about 600$ doing the work i did for all that wood. But i am a missionary and served this family instead of making money :) It feels better to do it out of the heart rather than
out of the pocket.

For ipads, we were supposed to get PHASE 2 which is where we do daily planning and keep informational records on them this past week, but it got changed to the end of this week so by the next time i email we should be on that second phase of ipads.

This week we got fed very very well by the members in our ward, and by other kind people who wanted to share food with us. I am officially ready to be done with Hamburgers and Hot Dogs. I think i had a hamburger everyday this past week. Im ready to have a salad. That will be nice to have.

We got to go over to Eric W***** house again (the athiest buddhist). He taught us what to do and how to meditate. We did a short 20 minute session of just meditation where you relax your mind and live in the "present moment" just focusing on the rising and falling of your breathe. After doing that for 20 minutes i was reminded of how difficult it is to keep your mind calm and focused for 20 minutes. My mind kept wandering and thinking of other things, but to be successfull in meditation you need to focus on the present moment and nothing else. We talked to Eric about the book of mormon as well and he accepted a copy and will read from it. We also invited him to come to church and he came! he attended the first hour and sat next to a couple of friends that he knows. The friend he knows the best was the organist, sister berg.

Funny Story of the week!!!
Elder Bundy and I got a referal (someone who may potentially be interested in the gospel of jesus Christ) and so we looked at the information of it. the name was Shiva Reisland. and they lived at a certain address. So we walked over to the address and knocked on the door and a man in his 20's answered the door and he looked like he was really engaged in a video game and we interupted him. He quickly said, can i help you?? We asked if a shiva reisland lives here. He get a really puzzled look on his face and turns around then turns back and says, "you came here to see my cat?" We then got a puzzled look and told him where we got our information and then decided that a cat wouldn't understand the message that we were out to share so we asked him if he would like to learn. he was all set but still was frazzled that 2 guys showed up to his door in white shirts and ties and ask to see his cat hahahahahaha.

Thats all i have for this week!

All Smiles,
Elder Dahlberg

This is them with the lady and her son that they met last week to teach.

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