Sunday, August 16, 2015

(July 20) More Miracles!

Hello Elder Bundy!
So in my life as a missionary, this week i gained a new companion. I am currently the zone leader and i now have a normal Junior Companion named Elder Bundy. He is from Phoenix Arizona and just hit his 6 month mark. He is a snowboarder and he likes to joke around and have fun. So we get along great! This week we were really focusing on being exactly obedient and diligent in our plans and goals. We were able to hand out 5 book of mormons to people who honestly will read them. We found 3 new investigators and they are solid ones too. This week we also taught the stop smoking program to a lady in our church, Sister C*******. Her husband died last month and she is working on getting her life back in order. she is doing great so far and from what we know she is smoke free for 3 full days.

A huge miracle happened this week which resulted in 2 of our new people to teach.

After a member meal with the Mederis Family (member in our church) , we said a closing prayer. During the prayer i felt prompted to tell the Mederis family about how God answered my prayers whenever i would ask him to place someone in my path. So i told them how God always puts people that i can share the gospel with when ever i pray for that exact thing. You will never guess what happened next....

As we were walking back to our car from their home, there was a couple standing right beside our car and one of them told us that we were dressed real nice and that started our conversation. We talked for 10 minutes and we set a return appointment for the upcoming sunday to do dinner and a lesson with her and her 19 year old Son Jonathon. This Lady, Lisa P***** is not a member of our church and she invited us over for a dinner! NO ONE DOES THAT! Anyways, Sunday came around and we went to the dinner and she made a wonderful home-cooked meal and than told us that she is still searching for purpose in life ever since she had a near death experience. she attends the Manchester Christian Church every week but she still feels like she wants to know her Personal purpose in this life. We taught her about the restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and she committed to reading and praying about the book of mormon to know if what we told her is true. Jonathon also agreed to finding out and is willing to put forth the effort to find out.

This week we also did service for a man who is practicing Bhuddist but doesnt believe in all of its teachings. He is a believer of Jesus's teachings but doesnt believe that He rose from the dead because there is no proof that he did such a thing. But we got to talk to this man about human personality traits and characteristics that make us the way we are. Even though this man is not a true believer of Jesus, he still emulates Jesus and His teachings better than i do at times! He is awesome!

We have been getting fed VERY WELL this past week. We have been very blessed to have dinner at someones house every night this past week and every night this upcoming week as well.
This week on Wednesday, our mission will be getting the second phase of our ipads which is planning on them and updating our area books on them.

I am so happy to be on my mission right now. Every night i lay in my bed, grateful for every hard moment ive had and every bit of frustration that ive had, because it has opened my eyes to my potential as a human being and as a child of God.

That's all for now folks. (Read that in the daffy duck voice)

All Smiles,
Elder Dahlberg

Cole Nimmo

This is a young man from our ward here who is going to Mozambique, Africa this Wednesday, July 22!

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