Sunday, November 2, 2014

Rain, rain, go AWAY!! (From Oct. 27th) Uh oh, that means they got snow instead!!

This week was a little wacky because almost every single day wasn't a normal day. This week we had a zone conference, I went on an exchange, my companion got sick, there was a ward activity, and last but not least this whole past week it rained constantly and on one of the days, Thursday, it literally rained ALL DAY. I have never seen anything like it. From the moment I got up in the morning to the moment I went to bed it was raining. It wasnt drizzling or pouring but it was a steady stream of rain all day long. And that was a day we didn't have the car so you can imagine how wet my shoes got. In fact they are still a little humid as they are on my feet right now.  (I'm sending some warm socks...) 

Tuesday- Elder Martineau and I prepared the church for the upcoming zone conference and set up over 100 chairs and tons of tables. We also went and saw a couple of Less-Active members who weren't home, except for one named Peter Cunningham. He is a man that we will for sure see again because he is really interesting. He is all into German Nazi memorabilia and knives from that era. He lives in a small trailer/mobile home (like most Mainers) and has all sorts of knives and Nazi helmets resting on skulls on the walls. On that visit he even said the word "swastiker".  If you don't get it,  people in Maine add an "er" to a word that ends in "a". Example: Pizza = Pizzer. SO when he said "swastiker", I couldn't help but chuckle.  Peter is in a tough time in his life where his physical body is breaking down and his brain is trying to cope with all the deterioration. So he doesn't feel happy and we are hoping to fix that by visiting him and reading scriptures with him and lifting his spirits. Also my trainer, (Elder Lund) now the AP (Assistant to the President) stayed the night for zone conference and we had a blast talking about all the fun times we had together and talked for a good 2 hours at night. It was so great to see him again.

It's great seeing former companions again!! 
Elder Lund, the Assistant to the President

Wednesday- Was zone conference and I got to see Elder Dean, and Elder Beck again and it was also great to see them again. I found that the longer you're out on your mission the better it gets.  I get more out of meetings and I enjoy them more and more. At the beginning of my mission I really hated them (haha) but now I cant wait for the next one. There was a quote that was said by our mission President that really hit me. In talking about failing at something he said, "You didn't fail. You just had an extra step to progression/success." I think that is an awesome quote because if you live by it you won't get down on yourself for anything. You will always have a brighter outlook on life or as we Mormons call it an eternal perspective. So I hope to apply that quote into my life so I can always have an eternal perspective. We were also able to finally see Meet the Mormons and it was really good. My favorite person was the fighter girl. She is awesome.

Thursday- It was the rainy day and I was on an exchange with our district leader Elder Jessop. He has 9 days left on his mission and is going home to Utah on November 5th. He is fighting off his "trunkyness" but you can tell he has enjoyed his mission and will forever remember it. He is a great missionary and I wish him luck out there in the real world. The only highlight of the day was having a lesson with Armando our recent convert. We read 1 Corinthians 13 with him and commented on how he is such a great example of Charity to people. We complimented him a lot during that lesson so he would feel loved and that he could recognize his strengths. I've found that over my mission sometimes you don't know you have a strength until someone tells you about it. So it never hurts to compliment!!

Friday- This is the day we helped butcher 3 pigs. I didn't get to see the pigs die so that was a relief. When we arrived the pigs were already beheaded, skinned, gutted, and the blood was drained out of them. My dad would be proud of me because one of his cheesy jokes came out when I saw all the pigs wrapped in tarps in the back of a trailer. I said "Hey look, it's pigs in a blanket!"  Everyone started laughing and I just thanked my dad for torturing me, I mean sharing with me all his jokes haha :) While we were butchering the pig we had a little camping stove going and we were cooking pieces of pork.  Apparently, one of the pieces wasn't cooked enough and my companion got sick and threw up and ended up feeling terrible so we had to go home and we missed the ward trunk or treat where tons of the Less-Actives that we invited came to. So that was a bummer.  But he feels better now.

Saturday-  We helped a couple of members of our ward stack their wood because winter is just around the corner. We hope the snow doesn't come this week but it could if the weather aligns right..... I HOPE NOT!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday- Besides church we had lunch and dinner at members' home and we felt like kings because they treated us so well. In between those 2 meal appointments we got some planning for the week done and then tried to visit a less-active but he wasn't home... We found out that a member of our ward tried to be a Navy SEAL and went through all the training and stuff but quit because he couldn't take it anymore. He lost 65 pounds in the process and couldn't take it anymore. Navy SEALS are some tough dudes.

This week for missionary work didn't go super well because a lot of our actual teaching appointments fell through. It always stinks when that happens because its fun and nice to do service but we have to teach too... I like to teach just as much if not more than do service. SO I hope this week goes well. One of our investigators, Gretchen's,  brother died of overdose and Gretchen is in a ton of heartache and pain.  If you could include her in your prayers I know she will appreciate it. :) I appreciate all the letters and emails I get from you and I hope to hear from you next week!

All Smiles,
Elder Dahlberg

P.S- I got to hold a ferret this week.

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