Monday, November 3, 2014

I'm TRAINING a brand spanking new missionary!!!!!

Wow!  I have a ton to write about this week so make sure you get ready to read this email!

Monday- After our emails to home, we got to see and hold and an 1830's copy of the Book of Mormon. It has been said that Joseph Smith held this copy but how can you really know that? haha Anyways, that was really cool to see. Then we went and visited the Pemaquid lighthouse which was also really cool to see because that meant I got to go see the ocean again. It was the Atlantic Ocean and much much windier and colder and gloomier than the Pacific Ocean but hey, it was still the Ocean.  I tasted the water and it was nice and salty :)

 Pemaquid lighthouse, which is actually the lighthouse on the back of the Maine stamped quarter! cool fact!

For dinner that night we went over to a members home named the Cotnoirs. Its french and pronounced Cotton-wahhhrss. So make sure you get that right!  Something cool about this family is that they used to be stationed at the Miramar Air base in San Diego. I worked there before I came out on my mission so we had a lot to talk about during dinner!

Tuesday- We didn't have a ton of crazy plans that day but one thing that stuck out was when we were Less-Active hunting and we came across this house way out in the boons and it was a Less-Active. And we knocked on the door and the woman answered and immediately had a huge smile on her face and was so happy to see us. Turns out she had just finished praying for someone to come visit her. She takes care of her Special Education daughter who is in her late 30's and needed someone to talk to. So we talked to her and she wants us to come by again and teach her how to use the foot notes in the scriptures. SURE THING!

Wednesday- This was an awesome day. In the morning during Personal Study we got a call from Gretchen our investigator and she told us she needed a place to hold a memorial service for her best friend that just died from overdose and was wondering if we knew any cheap places around town. So we assured her that we could hold it at our church and so we called up the Bishop and asked him about the situation and he said "Let's go meet Gretchen."  So at 3 pm after our district meeting we met up with Bishop Abbot and went over to Gretchen's house.  It was fantastic!  Gretchen brought some friends over that had questions and concerns and Bishop had ALL the answers. There is a reason why it's his 3rd time being a Bishop in his life! We set up a Memorial Service for Saturday November 8th at 2 pm. And it will be held at our church. Also while we were over there her friends were freaking out about Mormons and what we believe and thought we were some crazy cult. They asked all the questions they had and they were all answered and one of them replied with "Well,  Mormons are definitely not what I made them out to be.  Looks like all the Christians and Catholics in the world need to look at the Mormons and take notes."  Oh man,  people are so funny.

Thursday- We went over to Gretchen's house and set up the program for the service and helped her out spiritually because she is drained and exhausted from this whole ordeal.  We also did tons of service by helping older ladies of the ward prepare for winter. We raked leaves, moved wood, stacked wood pallets and took down gazebos and stuff.  Lots of odd jobs helping them prepare for this winter. To end the day we attended a Cub Scout activity called a Raingutter Regatta.  That's where the kids make boats and do races by blowing into the sails to win. We were referees and judges for that. There were tons of nonmembers there and nothing immediate came of going to that activity but it was a good way to help out in the community.

Friday- We helped another member of the ward prepare for winter by stacking tons of wood. At least 3 cords of wood, which is a ton to do in 2 hours.  We were hauling!  This was also Halloween and we needed to get inside our apartments by 5 pm. So that cut the day really short. But we did get to go to a members home for dinner and we shared a Scripture that was appropriate for Halloween. Leviticus 22:31-32. Check it out :)

Saturday- We were able to Witness the baptism of the sisters' investigator named Elliot. He is a great man and will be a great addition to the ward. Elder Martineau felt sick after the baptism and puked on the way to the car to leave. So we called the mission doctor and he told him he had Acid Reflux. So we went and got him some medicine and then went home. He napped the rest of the day and I just tried to stay productive and tried to not eat the house down haha. There was tons of Halloween candy in the apartment from Halloween so I tried not to eat too much of it. This was transfer call night and the mission president called and told Elder Martineau he would be leaving and I would be training a new missionary. He then said, "Do you accept?"  And I said, "YEAH I DO!!!!"  I've been waiting to train for a while because the mission President hinted that I would be training a while ago.

Sunday- This was an interesting day because I woke up to the sun rising with some black clouds in the sky and then I went and took a shower and I came out and it's SNOWING outside!  I was shocked. It's November 2nd and it's already snowing!  It ended up snowing the entire day and pelted the Augusta/ Gardiner Area with like 5 inches of wet heavy snow. And since I'm going to be training and being the full-time senior companion Elder Martineau privileged me with the car keys and made me drive in the snow.  It was my first time and I literally drove slower than a grandma without her glasses on!  I did not want to crash.  So I did my best.
Haha, I found this picture to go with his commment...

So the winter weather is here in New England and Snow is on the ground. It's probably going to melt but it will be back.... I enjoy getting pictures of events you went to throughout the week so if you're just urging to show someone a picture, feel free to send it to me. haha  Well, thanks for all the love and prayers being sent my way!

All Smiles,
Elder Dahlberg 

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