Tuesday, August 5, 2014

We went to the Joseph Smith Memorial for Zone conference. Pretty cool place.



      So this week was pretty good. We had a zone conference at the Joseph Smith Memorial and it was neat to be able to go there for the first time. It's very well kept and the flowers there are really well done. Someone puts a lot of time into the landscape there.

     At zone conference I got to see Elder Jensen, and Elder Dean. It was a good conference where we got a 'Man Talk' from President Stoker. He took all the Elders into another room and talked to all of us about addictions and how they destroy people. He made us all vow to never watch pornography too. I proudly vowed to that because that destroys people and families.

MTC buddy Elder Jensen!

Elder Lervold and his previous companion, Elder Webster
(ssshhh, the one that was a bit messy!!)



     I went on exchange after that and I got to drive home! It's weird being the driver after being driven around for 10 months. But over the course of the day I drove a total of about 100 miles. That's a lot of driving; we had to go all over our area to contact some of our investigators that aren't making any progression or anything, Turned out that A*** P***, The guy we thought wasn't interested anymore, turned out that he had surgery on his neck and wasn't able to do anything for 2 weeks so he has potential for some future missionaries. Right now he is in a bit of a bind so yeah.

     This Saturday, we were asked to help an older couple in the ward, the Martins, stack their firewood. They bought 2 cords and it took 2 hours to stack. Brother Martin has low functioning Alzheimer's and he forgets what he has already told you so he kept asking us how we heat our homes out in California, and telling us how he used to live in Santa Ana back in the 70's. He is a nice guy, I just hope no one in my life ever gets that disease because its terrible...  Then after that wood stacking we went over to another man's house to help him stack his wood. So we stacked wood for a good 4 hours on Saturday and my back was hurting by the end of the day. It feels fine now thanks to my young 19 year old body but i know when I'm older I have to take it easy (er). :)

     This week we got fed really well also. I'm going to list all of the food I consumed this week and i didn't purchase a single one or prepare a single one.
-Spicy beef w vegetables on fried rice
-Orange Chicken on fried rice
-Chicken Enchiladas w peas and carrots
-Chicken w soft carrots and a potato
-Chicken tenders w scalloped potatoes
-Hot Chicken wings w a super salad (Every vegetable known to man on it haha)
-Philly Cheese Steak Subs
-Homemade Lasagna w Mince meat pie for desert. (Pie with raisens+cut up apple) I won't be sad if i never have that pie again.
-Banana Bread.

So as you can see the members are treating us missionaries really well... With all that goodness comes good exercises too. I try to run at least a mile every morning and also do push ups and sit ups. But this week we didn't get a whole lot of lessons in except for teaching the Restoration to R**** P**** (Single mother of 2). A lot of what we did this week was try and set up appointments with Less Active members to talk with them as to why they aren't coming to church.

Here are some pictures showing his adventures for the week!

So the picture with the trees is the classic driveway to a nice house in New England. I think its awesome how the trees cover the road.

Here is us doing service at Bob Porters. He is the farm guy. We do service with him on Thursdays. SO when Thursday comes around and its 8AM in San Diego, I'm working on a farm over in New Hampshire. 

Here we are scraping lyneum....(linoleum) That took forever and my hands got blisters from it. The tool we were using was totally not made for doing it but the guy wanted us to use it to build 'Character'. 

 this horse is 35 years old...... Super old

RIDING ON A TRACTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He had some old war vehicle in his yard that he was washing up for some parade and I wanted to take a picture in it so here you go. I don't remember the name of it but it was solid metal.

See you  next week!!

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