Monday, August 18, 2014

Transfer week again! Good bye Elder Lervold (from Aug. 11)

Covered bridge between New Hampshire & Vermont
Pretty scenery

     Hey mom so breaking news. I didn't tell you but its transfer week and Elder Lervold is leaving me. So I'm staying in Ascutney and getting a Senior companion. (I'm still junior if you're wondering). SO tomorrow morning both Elder Lervold and I are going down to Manchester for transfer meeting and I'll be picking up my new companion for this next transfer. Wish me luck on that. I was just getting used to Elder Lervold. But that's all the breaking news I have for now.

     So this week went really fast to be honest. We did a lot of teaching and service this week. Service this week included: scraping linoleum off of a floor, wood stacking, cleaning out someone's garage, scooped horse poop, volunteered at a library with stacking books and stuff, then helped out at a food pantry/soup kitchen. (If you don't know what that is, think of downtown San Diego just near the Padre stadium at that homeless shelter there serving and cleaning up food.) We do a lot of service in this area but it really helps give the church a good image, because people DO notice that we help out in the community and they recognize us while they are out and about and even say hi sometimes, rarely but it happens.

     Some teaching this week was to 12 year old A**** H*****. We taught him about priesthood, importance of temples, and service. We have plans next Sunday to go over the last little bits of the lessons and than go over the interview questions. He is an awesome kid. We also had a dinner with a Less-Active member named Sister C****** where we had BBQ chicken Pizza and we talked about blessing in the gospel. Turned out her son who lives above her, (New England houses actually have like 3 houses in 1, its normal for out here) wanted a blessing and so did his wife so we gave them one. That was a unique experience because this is the first time I was asked to give a blessing to someone I have never met before and I had no clue why she wanted one, but I gave her one and that was pretty cool to do.

     This week we also had some good timing with Less-Active members and actually stopped by when they were home so we got to talk to them and find out whats up with them and why they are the way they are. All I can say is that people need to forgive one another for their misdeeds; we're imperfect people trying to work with a perfect gospel that Jesus Christ himself set up for us. This week we also were fed really well by the members and idk if you enjoyed my list last week of foods I ate but this week wasn't as awesome but it was still very nice.
-BBQ Chicken Pizza
-Chicken and a bunch of fancy foods, (I sent a picture of it because it was so awesome looking)
-Homemade ice cream +brownies
-Shepherds pie
-Tuna Casserole in sandwich form

     Our district went out to lunch together after one district meeting and we went to KFC. The reason we went there is because it is supposedly a HOLY KFC. It's supposedly the exact place where Joseph Smith had his leg worked on when he was younger. So everyone in our district went there for lunch. Outside there was a small apple tree and I helped myself to that and filled myself up and didn't have an appetite for Greasy chicken. haha but while we were there, we were told to evacuate the building because of a gas leak and we went outside. The joke went around the missionaries that "Elder Dahlberg had cheese in the morning and caused the flammable/toxic/gut-wrenching gas that was in the building."  I cannot confirm nor deny that that is a true statement but what I can say is that i didn't eat cheese that morning.... I had eggs :) hahahaha.

     This week was my last week with Elder Lervold and the California Kings are being separated after only 6 weeks together. Elder Lervold is moving out to be a district leader and on Tuesday morning at 11AM I will be in Manchester New Hampshire finding out who the lucky companion is.

     On another note, my sister sent me a bunch of pictures of what she is doing and it really was cool to see her and what she is doing. I really enjoyed looking through the pictures she sent and reading the short captions. It would be awesome to get pictures from more people because we all know a picture is worth a thousand words.
     Oh and another thing I am liking about New England is how gardens just bloom out here. People plant things and they just grow like crazy! No care necessary. This week I had home grown, jalepenos, tomatoes, blue berries, razz berries, black berries, apples, peas, zucchini, and corn. It's pretty nice. This week Elder Lervold and I were walking along the road and I kept looking to the side of the road for berries of some sort. Turns out after looking for just a little bit I was able to find a random black berry bush and vedge on perfectly ripe black berries. That's another cool thing about New England, that and the weather changes in like 10 minutes, One minute it's clear blue skies, then a dark cloud comes and its pouring rain and lightning is striking. I still choose the moody weather over winter time here.. YIKES!!! its coming in 2 months!!

    That's a wrap for me; check in next week to find out who my new companion is, I hope he is as cool as Elder Lervold!!! 

Inspiring a future missionary

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