Monday, August 18, 2014

Injury!! Hornet sting! Now I know why kids scream when they get stung! It hurts!


Mount Sunapee hike from last week's P-day

   So I gained a new companion named Austin Hansen.  He is 20 years old from West Jordan, Utah and is 6'3 and 210 lbs. He has been out on his mission for 19 months and just was a district leader. He loves basketball, baseball, football, drama, and girls :) First thing I asked him was what his expectations of me were, and he replied with "By the end of these 6 weeks I want to be able to look at you and call you my best friend." So that started things off GREAT! He reminds me of my cousin Brandon Gleason. They do the same mannerisms and it just makes me want to laugh so much. Already in the 6 days we have been together I have literally cried from laughing maybe 4 times. We both really love to laugh and that helps build our strengths as a companionship. 

     We teach really well and in unity, we are busy and we both have the same desires. First one of them all is that we both know Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world and without Him we are nothing. Our first lesson together was about the Plan of Salvation and it was our first day together and we taught with such unity it amazed me. We get along great and I know this transfer will fly by. 

Good-bye Elder Lervold
Hello Elder Hansen

     Some activities we did this week were helping a member move out of his house to move to Maine. He ran a mini tree Nursery in his front yard so we had to help him clean all the little plastic cups you use to grow plants and while I was doing that a huge hornet came and landed on my hand for a split second and stung me really good. It swelled up and got all puffy but eventually after a couple days it went away. But wow, now I know why kids scream when they get stung!  It hurts! Also this week we helped Bro Dube again with his wood stacking and we had one of the young men come with us. This young man isn't just your ordinary young man. He is 6'7 and 300+ pounds and 17 years old. His name is Roz Mason. He is a senior in high school and says he will go on a mission someday.

     Also we taught our last final lesson to our 12 year old investigator named A***** H****. He is part of a member family and his brother is the one who went to Buenos Aires South Mission. We went over the baptismal interview questions and he passed with flying colors. He is all set to be baptized this coming Sunday. So this Sunday we are going to have a baptism, his brother will be the one doing the baptism. So I'm excited for all that. Also there is a service that we do at a restaurant called Simply Comfort on Wednesdays. We help them with whatever they need and than they feed us dinner. I usually get a buffalo chicken wrap with lettuce and tomato. They told me that they will name it after me and call it the 'Dog wrap' I think its a great combination, so great cats will even like it..... Okay that joke was really bad....

We also went over to Helen Stockwell's house to share a message with her. She wasn't feeling amazing because she is going through Chemo again but we were able to lift her spirits when we talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the 5 simple principles to it. We started the lesson and she wasn't feeling good and just looked like she was in pain and wanted to go to sleep, but half way through the lesson after we talked about what baptism is she gained a big smile on her face and said "That's what I did!" and then continued to have a smile for the rest of the lesson which was 15+ minutes.

-Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ
-Receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost
-Endure to the End

They tried to cheer up Helen by trying on some of her wigs!

   Some plans we have for this week is A*** H***'s baptismal interview on Tuesday and we are going to meet with A**** P*** on Saturday. (He hasn't dropped of the radar; he is still going strong!!!) 
     Something you can say that I've learned is that Testimonies are powerful things. All a missionary needs is a Book of Mormon in his left hand and a Testimony in his right hand. And that missionary will be successful. If anyone is bored/ wants something to read. Read Amos 3:7 and than find out what you can learn from the Prophet this week.  I hope you all have a good week because I know I will :) 

All Smiles,
Elder Dahlberg

Old Drewsville Rd.  Cool!!

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