Tuesday, June 16, 2015

June 8 My mission motto is, if you see a U-haul, you haul your butt over there and help them.

I got a new companion this week! Its Elder Gray. This Elder is going home on July 15th so i will be his last companion in the mission field. he is completely hairless. he has something called Alopecia (How ever you spell it) Basically, his body thinks that hair is bad so his immune system just kicks them out. He never has to shave or get haircuts. He doesn't mind it at all. He is From Salt Lake city Utah, and wants to become a Marine when he gets home, as well as go to flight school since he already has his pilot's licence. And then, long term  he wants to become an astronaut if that is possible to do still. He is a great Elder, and works very hard so these next 5 weeks with him will be very busy and we will get a lot of good work in.

Elders Dahlberg and Gray in their apartment

The plant is telling him it is finally Spring!

This week we were able to help a family move in across the street from us and they were a young couple that had a 1 year old son. We found them by seeing a U-haul and my mission motto is, if you see a U-haul, you haul your butt over there and help them. So we took that seriously and they actually let us help! Its such a relief when people allow you to help them. That is a quality that i think we all need to work on. In the end they were not interested in religion but they insisted on taking us to the local pizza place and getting us lunch. Nice people.

This week we also were able to go out teaching with a starting pitcher for the AA minor league team of the Toronto Blue Jays, named Taylor Cole. He came teaching with us to Saikou, our 17 year old investigator, and it was really cool to see how excited he was to do missionary work. Yes, he is a professional baseball player. yes, he drives an Audi. Yes, he is awesome. But he was so sincere when he talked about Jesus Christ and how much he wants to be like him.

I know i didn't include a ton about what we did this week but we did a lot of missionary work that is hard to put into words. We invited a lot of people to learn about Christ, we handed out Book of Mormons that teach about Christ, we showed videos to people on our iPads while out walking, we served anyone and everyone we could while out walking.

We also helped a young man in our ward, Cole Nimmo, who is going to Maputo Mozambique on his mission. We taught him about Preach my Gospel and how it helps us teach more simply and clearly about Christ.

To finish i want to thank everyone for their emails. I haven't gotten letters, but boy have i gotten emails. So thank you for your support on my mission and, i will be coming back home in 4 months! Crazy huh!!!!!! I have learned so much and i wouldn't trade this mission experience for anything.

All Smiles,
Elder Dahlberg

P.S John 16:33 These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

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