Tuesday, June 16, 2015

(May 23) We are getting iPads!

This week in the mission we are having a big mission conference on Wednesday from 9AM-1PM about iPads! We are getting them! Its crazy! All of the iPad's for the mission are already here in New England, in the mission office to be exact! Its crazy! I have no idea what and how this is all going to happen but i will keep you updated on what exactly changes and how missionary work is changing.

This past week we weren't able to teach a ton of lessons again it was about 14 but still much better than most weeks in my mission.

I went on exchange to Canterbury this week and was with Elder Betts. He is from New Mexico and is going home July 15th (same day as Elder Wadsworth). During our exchange we stopped by a bakery named Jacques Pastries. A member of the church owns it and what they do is make custom cakes for big events. That place puts Cake boss to shame! The owner actually declined a TV offer because it would just take away from the business and they wouldn't get all that they needed to done. They bake over 1000 custom cakes a year. They sent us on our way with eight  pastries that are $15 each. And they weren't big either so those pastries didn't make it out of the car a second time haha.

Wow!  That is QUITE the cake!!!

I was also asked a question this week that i want to share my answer with you.
Q- What do I hope to gain from the rest of my mission?
A- I hope to establish Christlike attributes that i can use for the rest of my life. I hope that what i have learned already and what i will learn can stay with me so i can use it to help others and myself in the future. Sometimes i get into this mindset of "look at my scriptures, aren't they all beat up, marked, and worn. That means i have learned a lot and searched them and i know them well!" that mindset goes the same for my tracting shoes so when i get home everyone can see hard hard i worked, based on how worn my shoes got. Whenever i have that mindset I lack the charity and love that Jesus Christ has. He didn't care how faded his clothes got while out walking and performing miracles. He cared for the people, not the praise. SO all in all, what i hope to gain from the rest of my mission experience is to walk as Jesus walked, not walk where He walked and call it good. 

We also had a zone meeting this week. As a zone leader i got to teach 2 separate groups for about an hour each. SO that was fun being able to prepare a good message to share and i tried my best to leave a lasting lesson that can help lift, inspire, encourage, and bless their individual lives.
I had an interview with President Stoker, we pretty much talked about my answer to the question i talked about earlier in this email.

That's all i have for this week!!! I have been trying hard to stay focused and making these last 5 months count. I appreciate any letters i do get and i am going to reply to everyone of them that i get. SO WRITE ME :)

All Smiles,
Elder Dahlberg

P.S Answer to 'Why couldn't the bike stand up?' It was two tired!!!!  [ba dum bum]

This is a plant he is growing from a bulb...
They came across a little pond somewhere that had a sort of "beach"  He had to make a sand angel...
On exchanges with Elder Betts

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