Saturday, October 12, 2013

OH NO!! He's Homesick!! SOS!!

Well, we received a few different emails from Drew today and they all sound very stressed and homesick.  He REALLY wants some mail from his friends and family, so here are three ways you can communicate with him:

1.  Send him a regular email...  
     Unfortunately, he can only check that email once a week on Fridays, so it would be a week until he is able to read it.

2.  Send him a regular snail mail letter...  Here's the address for that until Oct. 21st.

Elder Andrew Craig Dahlberg
2009 N 900 E Unit 111
Provo UT 84602.

He has a mailbox that he checks a couple of times a day, so he would get that a bit faster.

3. Send a message with website called: This is a free service that allows you to fill out a form on their website, then type up a letter. They will print out the letter (Monday-Friday) and put it directly into his MTC mailbox. So, that's probably the fastest and cheapest way to go. Here's the info you need for the form:

Name Andrew Dahlberg
Unit # 111 Mission code NH-MAN Date he leaves the MTC: Oct. 21

So, here are some excerpts from the emails we received today, left unedited...
Hey mom. I am here at the MTC. I am having a really hard time. Its really hard and rough. But im trying my best to get through it. Im also feeling stressed because everything is so new.... But Ill calm down and let you know what is going on. So my P-days are on fridays, so today and next friday are when i can read emails. But i can read mail at anytime of the day. I really want mail. Our district leader, named Elder Jensen, checks the mail twice a day so i look forward to the day he brings mail for Elder Dahlberg. Like i said i am having a really rough time here. The days are long and the stress level is so high. I really need the support of friends and family at this time :/ Mail me please. I want to get motivated because i really am not atm. Im pretty sure ill get over it once the MTC passes but its hard because the days here at the MTC feel like weeks, and i really mean that! I am trying to write letters every night and mail them out but the time here is so booked. my schedule is packed from 6:30AM to 10PM. The only time i have to really relax and be "Drew" is when im supposed to be sleeping. My emotions are high as im writing this because i am starting to understand what missing someone feels like. It is SO HARD to be away from home. I miss everyone so much. Its hard :/ I love you guys. Now i understand why every single one of Devin's emails said I love you to every person in the family. Its because its so true... I love you Mom, Dad, Timmy, Tori, and Devin. I have been waiting all week to write this letter to you guys and its such a relief to hear from you because I love you guys so much.Okay i will start to list the good things about the MTC. I have 3 room mates and they are all going to Manchester, NH! It was so cool to see that when i first met them. I am starting to get really close to them and I feel like we will be brothers by the time the MTC finally passes. The names of my room mates are Elder Chilton (my companion) Elder Jensen and Elder Witerburg (Spell check...) Elder Chilton and Elder Jensen are from northern California and the other is from Rexburg. I am bonding with Elder Jensen the most because we both have the same sense of humor, and we both talk about how much we love our families haha. Elder Jensen is also deaf and can only hear out of his right ear (thanks to a hearing aid). He is such a cool dude and im glad i get to be in the same room as him. Last night was my favorite time at the MTC because he and I talked for almost 2 hours about crazy stories and things like that. I took a picture of all of us together but i forgot my camera at my room and i cant just run there and get it cause it would be to much of a hastle when i have limited time. I really really miss you guys if you cant tell. Other updates are that my companion and i were called to be zone leader, so that is a big responsibility because next wednesday when the NEwbies come to the MTC we give them a tour and help them around the place. And we are in charge of everyone in our district. I recomend you dont send me a package but send me Letters... This letter sucks because all the important info that i need to send to you is in my room and I would need to go back and get it. Ill try and get it but if i dont the next letter i send to you will be epic!

I havent talked about the food...... Its not the greatest... The bagels are stale and the oatmeal has been sitting there getting soggy for weeks and the only really good things are the bannanas and that it gives us a break from class. Class at the MTC is brutal!!!! Its 3 hours long and every minute we are getting loaded with deep deep questions which in turn make me feel stressed because they are so deep. The Classes almost make me a worse missionary.. I like to just go out there and let the spirit teach. I really want to you let guys know that i am thinking of all of you always and i really really want to get letters from you. THEY WILL LITTERALLY MAKE MY DAY! I cant think of anything else to tell you at the moment but if you want specific answers to your questions ask them to me like this. Example---What are you feeling like? ----How are you doing? ----Whats it like? Haha you get the point just use these --- so i know you want an answer to it. I will try and send another email with pictures and better info in like an hour. I love you guys so much and if you can just send me daily emails so that when i open my mailbox i am loaded with things to read i think i will cry if i see that. No joke. Love you!!!!! This is so hard.....

Then, there was another one, a bit later...
Hey mom. my camera doesnt work with the computers at the mtc but luckily elder jensens does. I am uploading some pictures of us. Couldnt have asked for better room mates. Especially Elder Jensen, i love that kid already. I dont have alot of time left but if you get anything out of these emails is that i am doing this work for The Lord and that no matter what i go through he will be there with me guiding me through my trials. And i cant wait to enter the real mission field! I leave on the21st of October and dont worry mom i found a better way to pack my clothes so that i will have space. please incoiurage people to write me through the blog. I would love to get letters from people. tell them i want to write back to every letter and email but if i dont its because i ran out of time and i am getting yelled at to get off the computer for so long haha. Bye

Elders Widerburg, Dahlberg, Jensen, Chilton 

And then another one... (just to get his point across about mailing him letters!)
Oh and mom when im on my P-days which are friday I will probably be able to check the computers in between 12-4pm for your reply to my emails. so next friday around that time expect an email from me and then reply back fast and then i may be able to send you another one that same day. :) I love you mom and i know you know that. It may sound like i hate this time but in the end of the day it is all worth it. Its very stressful work but the results i see from it are astronomical. My testimony has grown so much and i am so excited to share it with the people of New Hampshire. Oh and ask questions because I dont know what to talk about. All i keep wanting to say is that I love you and that I am in good hands. I made a mission motto last night and here it is. It might change but I think its appropriate. "I am just a tool, but a pretty dang attractive one." Oh and if your wondering if im farting alot? Well i am and Elder Jensen does the exact same. haha we are a perfect match I swear. Oh and we are all going to MAN-NH which is so awesome. Love you g2g
Oh, and then he sent another email to Timmy and some friends...
I am at the MTC. Also known as MBC. "missionary boot camp." This place is not my favorite place on earth... To be honest i cant wait to leave this place. The days here last from6:30am-10pm, of non stop learning. This time that i am writing this email is like the first time i have felt relaxed. these past 3 days that i have been here have been so long dudes.... Im not even aloud to call other guys dudes, or guys. i have to call them elders. its a big change from my normal life. Imagine your longest class at school and then multiply it by 3. haha so long... The food here is like breakfasts at a hotel. Mass produced and made with practically no nutrition. So i am seriously living on bannanas and apples. I am not going to get fat at the MTC, it will be impossible because the food isnt that good. ( I am a picky eater so Taylor i think you will love it here haha, unlimited doughnuts, ice cream, cookies, you name it.) I dont eat that stuff cause it makes me feel like crap. But in all seriousness i miss it back home. hopefully my attitude changes because if it stays like this my mission will be miserable. and i dont want that. I cant wait till the 21st which is when we get out of this place. and we get to go to NH. I love you guys and if you have any free time while at home please send me a letter at
Elder Andrew Craig Dahlberg
2009 N 900 E Unit 111
Provo UT 84602

I really want to hear from you guys while im gone. it will help keep me motivated and keep me from going insane haha. Love you guys. Peace out

Sooo, did we get the message to send letters???
Go for it!! He'll be so grateful!

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